The A24 Project

At the end of 2021 I was interviewed by A24 fan and podcast host Lee Hutchinson. We spoke about how my former life as a criminal and addict prepared me for my work as Ray and Consultant to Joanna Hogg on The Souvenir Parts 1 & 2. The link can be found here

Live Better Daily

I was interviewed about my life by American Podcaster Ankit Shulka

Soul Power With Tess Vergara

Audio only Link The topic of child/human trafficking never gets easy to talk about. But as this author, and a victim himself, shared in his book, trafficking happens in plain sight. Something happens that traumatizes a child and then those that thrive in taking advantage of the traumatized and suck their energy creates a perfect…

Frankly Speaking

My appearance on Frankly Speaking with Frank Portinari My open and honest interview on Frankly Speaking with Frank Portinari. This was an absolute pleasure Frank Portinari brother x

Criminal to Hollywood and Author

My interview for the Your Back up plan show one of Canada’s Premiere alive Podcasts last night. One of my most honest and open podcasts.

From Hopeless to Grateful

I was interviewed by the brilliant Mimi Novic a few days ago for her podcast An Inspirational Life. This was a great interview, it was open, honest and raw.